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Unite Youth Students is for 6th - 12th grade students to grow together. Our mission is to diligently teach students biblical truths that gross their faith and impacts their community.

Join us on campus in Buliding B, Sunday mornings at 9:00 am 

and Wednesdays at 6:30 pm.

For more questions or more information please contact us at student@5thabc.org or by calling (321)-960-7364

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Student Testimonies


Jasmine Alvarado

"Never thouhgt I would be where I am now. My time at camp and church has been life-changing, through everything I have been through it is still a fight, but as I have been in church I have made friends and new experiences and memories that I will keep forever. I have learned so much about other people and so much about myself. God has been there for everything He has been patient with me and he worked hard making me. I wouldn't change anything he has done for me, and how grateful I am for him that He had a plan for me which is not done. I'm here because of Him so I will live here in His name with the great friends I have at church and the great people in my life."

Jeremiah Hernandez

"My Experience at Camp Anderson was something I will always remember especially it being my first time there. The people there were just so welcoming and nice. There were so many things you could do like kayaking, going on the blob, or swimming in the pool. My personal favorite time was the worship and sermon, worship was just so fun and it just lit the room up, the sermons were always something that related to the world we live in today as youth such as finding your purpose and always having God be the one who guides you. Overall, it was just an experience that I'm grateful for and hoping to do it again next year!"


Mitchell Carney

"Youth Group at FAB is like no place else Summer camp, nerd pong, and friends. My favorite part about Camp Anderson was the messages and the blob. I liked how lit the pastor was and how he could "get real". The blob was fun because it was terrifying."