• Dr. Hal Kitchings


Dr. Hal Kitchings

April 30th, 2020

Maybe you have one. A lot of people are posting Top 10 lists these days. Here are just a few examples: Top 10 list for churches post COVID-19… Top 10 list for what your favorite TV shows have been during COVID-19… Top 10 list of projects accomplished during COVID-19. There are numerous other examples. If you haven’t developed one or two, it may provide another productive activity as you continue to be quarantined.

Here are some considerations…

>Top 10 favorite bible characters

>Top 10 favorite bible verses

>Top 10 favorite teachers

>Top 10 inspirational movies

>Top 10 spiritual markers

>Top 10 influential people in your life

>Top 10 places you want to visit

>Top 10 quotes

>Top 10 impacting songs

This is your list. Don’t overthink it. You may or may not share it with others. And you may find you frame your list and place it in a significant place in your home. Hang in there. COVID-19 will end. We will not…

Until Next Time...

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