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Dr. Hal Kitchings


I know, some of you don’t care. I understand. Sort of. But for those that wake up on cooler mornings in the fall, after drinking a cup of coffee and eating pancakes, ready to watch college football, what will you do? Well, I’m not exactly sure why you are asking me, but let me suggest a few things for your consideration…

> Keep getting up, drinking coffee, and eating pancakes. Now you don’t have to rush.

> Keep spending time, as many of you do, with the Lord in prayer and bible study.

> Take time to exercise in some way, if you don’t, to help burn off calories from the pancakes.

> Go to the beach, the park, or your local zoo to watch what animals do on Saturdays

> Call a friend. Or call your mom like Bear Bryant suggested that one time.

> Read the passage your pastor is preaching on the next day, if you know what it is. (And give the guy a break if he doesn’t even know what it is.)

> Take a homemade dish or ice cream to a neighbor. (A bag of Skittles works, too.)

> If married, take your spouse breakfast in bed, even if it’s an Egg McMuffin or something.

> Take your dog for a walk. If you don’t have one, take your neighbor’s dog for a walk.

> Go bird watching. On second thought, I’m not sure I’d do that. Maybe don’t tell it…

> Go fishing, play golf, play cards, or wear a football helmet and run around the block.

THIS, TOO, SHALL PASS… This is an old saying that needs to be repeated. This, too, shall pass. (If it’s college football or something else that may be bothering you today.) Life is short. Let’s trust God with things outside our control and not lose sight of the Big Picture.

Until Next Time...

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