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Cindy Lewis, our Family Minister, and I are sharing stories from various books on Wednesday nights. We do so on our church’s Facebook page at 6:30 PM each week. We have never done this before, but it’s been a blast. People have responded—both young and old. Although the books are primarily for children, they have adult messages built-in as well. We only have a few more weeks before I will be transitioning to another study, as we enter the new school year. And Cindy will engage families through various means of connecting, as she normally would.

So, as we are coming to the later part of the summer, I have a question. What is your summer story? We all have stories from our spiritual lives. It may be a testimony of how God redeemed you from your past. It may be how God spoke to you during a small group gathering years ago. It can even be a story about how God used you to bless someone a few years ago. I don’t likely know all your stories, and you probably don’t know mine. But we have them if we are born-again. That’s a good thing.

You ready? Okay, go… (FILL IN THE BLANKS)

I know what you are thinking right now. What’s my story from this summer, so far? Right? Right. I understand. And my story is like one of our summer stories. We Belong To Each Other by Liz Marie and Jose Galvan. I had a blast at our recent July 4th event—we called it, 4th @ 5th. It was the first time in a long time that we gathered for a time of fellowship as a church family. You see, we belong to each other. I do not think I will ever take a fellowship for granted again. After having to be “separated” from each other for so long, I was reminded of this truth. I could hardly go to sleep that night because I was still so excited about the day’s event. And it wasn’t because I ate too many hot dogs. I just had fun with my church family!

IF you don’t have a summer story, yet it’s not too late. You have a few weeks left. Ask God to help you and then, get ready. When we are available, He will give us an opportunity. When it happens, share it with someone.

May God bless you over the course of the remaining weeks…

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