• Dr. Hal Kitchings


Dr. Hal Kitchings

Oct. 21st, 2020

A number of these things should be practiced no matter what season of life a Pastor is in. But some will apply for this particular season of voting. If you know me, you know I don’t use my “platform” to speak about politics. God has not called me to do so. If you know a Pastor that’s into that, that’s between him and God. I’m going to share my thoughts based on where I am in my relationship with Christ, my dad’s influence, my experiences in churches through the years, and in case people in my own church want to know. This list is not exhaustive, but here you go…

- Spend time with the Lord in prayer and bible study in order to be more like Jesus

- Pray for wisdom

- Love people—those that ride donkeys, elephants, and perhaps—even camels 

- Try not to say anything stupid that would hurt the cause of Christ

- Stay away from posting political posts so not to hurt those that don’t know Jesus

- Vote my convictions based on the bible and encourage others to do the same

- Study the candidates and issues before stepping into the voting booth

- Have balance while watching television so as not to go nuts

- Pray for those in authority

- Never be intimidated by extremists on either side of the political spectrum

- Just smile or say—HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS—when people try to stir you up

- Remember that everyone of us are at a different point—kind of like mask wearing

- Never forget that regardless of who wins elections, GOD IS STILL ON HIS THRONE

I had some guys leave my first senior pastorate because I wasn’t “political” enough.They were on the Pastor Search Committee that brought me there.I didn’t run after them. I wouldn’t today. I love them. God loves them. God loves you. God loves me. Please don’t allow politics to rule your life. Let Jesus be King—always! He should always get our vote! When you preach the bible and, at times, directly address hot topics, there’s nothing to get all hyped about. Now, just for the record, I have voted early for the first time in my life. I was pumped about it! It was painless and I even wore the little sticker for an hour or so. Maybe you need to do the same? Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. He will! Always. NOW, HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!

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