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While vacationing in Alabama recently, I was asked to dispose of a dead dog. (I kid a lot, but I’m not kidding.) Here’s the deal… I was riding with a family (I’m not telling you!) when suddenly a dog darted out in front of the vehicle. There was no way to avoid hitting the dog. The dog died instantly. The person driving the vehicle (No, I’m still not telling you. It doesn’t matter!) and I got out of the car and started knocking on doors to find the possible owner. We did. It was unfortunate the supervisor of the dog had let the puppy run “free” with no supervision. (No, I’m not telling you who she was, but that’s not a good idea—to let allow your little dog to run free.) I asked if she wanted me to “bag” the dog. She let me. I then asked if she would like for me to dispose of the dog. She let me. Now’s the hard part—what in the world does a guy from Mississippi, who pastors and lives in the great state of Florida going to do with a dead dog?


I took it to family members that lived in the area to see if they had any ideas. They didn’t. Well, actually, they did, but they weren’t very good ideas. I let the family members know I would take care of it and would return soon without a stranger’s dead dog in a bag in the back of my borrowed vehicle. (I’m not telling you who’s vehicle. It doesn’t matter.) First, I went by a church thinking that might be a good place to put the dog. Perhaps in the dumpster behind the church? (I thought to myself—I don’t think I’d mind. Now, please don’t start dumping your dead dogs in our church dumpster. If you have an emergency like I had, go ahead, but tell Pastor Jim. :) The only church I could find was a Church of Christ church. They did not have a dumpster and I would have preferred dumping on fellow Baptists. (Ask me why next time I see you and I’ll tell you.) Second, I decided to dump it at a Funeral Home on one of the highways in the area. (No, I’m not telling you which one! Don’t ask! Actually, I don’t remember the name. :) I’ll let you use your imagination as to how this played out, but mission accomplished. (No, I did not put it in the back of the hearse sitting in the driveway. That would not have been very Christlike.) I told my family what happened. They grieved and laughed at the same time. (Yes, they are crazy!)


Well, there are numerous lessons, (No, I’m not talking about the movie, All Dogs Go to Heaven.) but I’ll focus on one… When we offer to help a stranger, just know ahead of time that it might get weird, but it’s still worth it.

Until Next Time...

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