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The movie, Unplanned came out several weeks ago. I went to see it with my wife, Kellie, and we had no idea what we were about to experience. Yes, we knew it was rated R for a reason. Yes, we are pro-life. Yes, we have family and friends that have been close to the subject in the past. Yes, I have preached on the subject of abortion from a sanctity of human life standpoint. Yes, I have participated in several “walks for life.” Yes, there have been times I have been guilty of ignoring the issue of abortion because I find it hard to believe it even exists. (And it hurts to even think about it.) I actually live in a country that allows abortions and have heard people I know say it’s ok. It’s not ok! And I believe it now more than ever before after seeing the movie that is in our local theatres right now. (Please go see it and you will totally understand it’s a necessary pain we need to experience as Christians.)


One, the youthfulness of those that typically have abortions. Most young teens have abortions without realizing the finality of their decision. It can “haunt” them the rest of their lives. Many receive bad counsel and have no idea until it’s way too late. These precious teenagers, who have often had sex outside of marriage, make it doubly bad by having an abortion instead of putting the child up for adoption. Two, how cruel the procedure is to the baby. Folks, it’s murder! One can try to justify all they want, it’s killing a human being. Three, the impact it would have on my heart and mind after leaving the theatre. I’ve always been pro-life, as stated. But it was heavy! My heart hurt and still hurts. But I will pray more often, with greater fervency, from now, until the day I die. Also, I will continue to try to use whatever influence I have to protect the lives of the innocent victims. God has a plan much greater than ours when difficult circumstances arise—even unwanted pregnancies. May we never, ever, forget this truth!

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mothers’ womb.

~Psalm 139:13

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