• Dr. Hal Kitchings


Dr. Hal Kitchings

Posted May 7th, 2020

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. I dare say most of us do what’s natural around this time of the year… think of our mother. It may be your mom is still alive. It may be you are going to experience Mother’s Day for the first time without your mom because she passed away in the past year. Regardless, here’s what I’ve come to realize more than ever since my mama died a just a few years ago…

>No one loves me like my God. God comforts like no other. Check this out… As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you. ( Isaiah 66:13)

>No one will love me like my mama. My wife loves me. My daughter loves me. My sisters love me. No one will ever love me like my mama. It’s impossible.

>No one will ever be so quick to protect or defend me like my mama.

>No one will replace her.

>No one taught me to laugh at myself like my mama.

>No one taught me how to love all kinds of people like my mama.

>No one will ever be able to erase the incredible influence she had on my life.

>No one will be able to take away the wonderful memories I have of her

>No one but me can pass on her positive influence on me as her only son to others

I read an article recently about Tampa Bay Bucs first-round pick, Tristan Wirfs. It was entitled, Mom is his driving force. Included in this inspirational tribute to his mother, it says he’s a mama’s boy and proud of it. I am, too, and will always be proud of it. Since my mama died, God has become even more real in my life and my love for her is deeper.

Happy Mother’s Day…

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