• Dr. Hal Kitchings


As I reflect on this year, several blessings come to mind. This list is not exhaustive, but here you go:

>Transitioning out of the pandemic… The COVID-19 challenges have been difficult for all churches. I am thankful for the strides we’ve made to move forward. Much good has come out of a very hard season! The best is yet to come.

>New families and new ministries… Several new families have joined our fellowship. And we started several new traditions. For example, on Thanksgiving week we fed our community a Thanksgiving meal.

>We walked through grief together… Most of us lost loved ones this past year. (Kellie and I had her father and my sister pass away.) What in the world would we have done without each other? I have no idea how people go through life without the family of God! Jesus reminded us all we don’t grieve like those with no hope.

>A significant financial gift was provided that funded several much-needed projects… Due to the memorial gift left to Fifth by Dick and Marilyn Placek, we paid off the rest of our debt, renovated Connection Central, replaced the roof on current buildings, and made tech upgrades in the sanctuary. There are other projects to come that some of the remaining money will help launch. Praise the Lord!

>A loving staff… I realize that we are “short” a staff member or two, but God has met our needs! I thank God for the staff we have now! They are serious about the call God placed on their lives to serve here. All of them---full-time, part-time, interim, and volunteer staff. I love them dearly and we are so thankful God met our needs in this regard.

>The prayer study was a game-changer for our fellowship… I don’t think any of us would disagree that the 40 Days of Prayer study was impactful. The bible studies individually, as a church, and through our Connection Groups were just fabulous! It has changed many of us forever. Thank the Lord for teaching us how to pray more diligently.

>My devotional book was published… God is gracious! Due to your overwhelming support, I was able to publish Next Verse. You prayed for me from the very beginning of 2020, when I started writing the book. God bless you! And thank you for the other ways you provided encouragement. The goal of the book is to help us read the Bible on a regular basis. If that’s accomplished in our lives and/or the lives of others, it was well worth it.

2022 IS ON THE WAY… Let’s finish the year strong in every way. Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year! Don’t miss Sunday, January 2nd, as I share a little more about the new year. Can’t wait!

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