• Dr. Hal Kitchings

Quotes from the Florida Baptist Convention-2019

“There is a blessing in waiting.”

- Fred Luter, Jr.

“If you don’t do what God’s called you to do, you’ll do what people pay you to do.”

- Ken Whitten

“It’s easy to get good players. It’s getting them to play together that’s the hard part.”

- Erik Cummings

“There’s only one thing worse than being lost; being lost and nobody's looking for you"

- Johnny Hunt

“There is no path from hell to heaven.”

- Johnny Hunt

“I’m so saved, I couldn’t go to hell if I wanted to.”

- Johnny Hunt

“My strengths are no help to God and my weaknesses are no distractions.”

- Michael Catt

“God uses people that he wounds.”

- Michael Catt

“I wouldn’t change what I’ve learned on my back and on my face.”

- Michael Catt

“Troublemakers breed.”

- Michael Catt

“He will bless a limp, but He will not bless a strut.”

- Michael Catt

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