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He’s one of our faithful church member’s dog. He provides such good companionship. Dogs are good that way, you know. Well, most dogs are. I have a met a few in my lifetime that have caused me to question their owner’s judgment. J I’d say a good number of our folks have pets.


Well, first of all, Sam and I connected the first time I met him awhile back. Yes, my wife may say I am a “dog whisperer.” Anyway, we are very comfortable around each other. I talk to him. He doesn’t talk back. He’s a keeper. He doesn’t meet a stranger and is very pleasant to be around. He listens well. He looks you in the eyes when you are speaking to him. I like Sam—A LOT—and I’m certain you would too. And if you really want to meet him one day, I’m fairly certain we can arrange it. The other reason I am bringing attention to him is because he participated in a house blessing. That’s right. He was in the room where I was allowed to read scripture, share quotes, and pray about the new home this dear saint moved into recently. There were a handful of us circled up for this incredible moment. He didn’t bark or make a peep. He didn’t even insist that we include him in the circle by holding his paws. As far as I know he just sat there. (I didn’t open my eyes to check.) But the owner allowed him to be in the room while the dedication was taking place. I’m glad. He lives there, too, you know.


I have been asked to “bless” a number of things through the years—businesses, houses, and even cars. Every time I’ve done so I walked away being blessed myself. God has a way of doing that, you know. So, if you’ve never had a dedication type ceremony over your home, just think about it. Better yet, pray about it. It may help your situation? Who knows, maybe your pet could participate too… or Sam?

Until Next Time....

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