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Guest Post - Michael Catt

We live in the mountains. Storms often roll over the Greenbriar ridge, rumble through the valley below and come toward us. Often we can see and hear them coming. We can also see when the ridge clears and the sun begins to once again breakthrough. When you’re going through a storm, remember these truths.

1. Just because you haven't seen a miracle, doesn't mean one hasn't happened.

2. Adversity is not always chastisement.

3. In a crisis, remember you never have all the facts.

4. Your talk and walk need to match. Faith is essential.

5. Sometimes storms are to protect you and some storms are to prepare you.

6. God does not indulge us but enlarges us.

7. Life is not fair, but God is good.

8. You are on Jesus' personal prayer list.

9. Go to bed, the Lord will be up all night. He doesn’t sleep or slumber.

10. Whatever is over your head, is under His feet.

11. The Lord will either calm your storm or allow it to rage while He calms you.

12. Resist the temptation to panic when the storms come.

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