• Dr. Hal Kitchings


By Dr. Hal Kitchings

Dear Braven:

At the time of this writing, you have not been born. You are scheduled to be born on Monday, November 4, 2019. God may have other plans. His plans are always best, please don’t ever forget that. My prayer is that you will come to know Him personally one day and He will use you greatly for all of your days. You have a rich spiritual heritage on both sides of your family. No pressure!

You are my baby’s baby. Your mom is the apple of my eye! You better be good to her. You don’t want to rub this grand paw the wrong way, boy. She will be the best - she was trained to be the best and knows the best caretaker ever - Jesus. You indeed are a blessed child! Please don’t ever take it for granted and use her investment in you for good. She won’t be perfect, but she’ll be close. (Did I mention that your mom is my girl? Yes, I thought I did.) Now, about your name. I’ll start with your last name. Crane is not my last name. That’s ok, because it’s your daddy’s name. He’s a good fella. You are also blessed to have him as your earthly father. (I have grown to like him very much.) What I have learned about his heritage is fantastic.

They love Jesus. They love family. They love baseball. Lastly, they’re from MS! What more could one ask? May you live up to the name and take it to another level. Now, your middle name - Michael. It’s your dad’s middle name. It’s your great-grandfather’s name. It’s your great uncle’s name. It’s a great angel’s name. Nothing more needs to be said. As you know by now, your first name is a baseball name - Braven. I’m pretty sure you know about the Atlanta Braves due to your dad and mom’s obsession. Your dad, your mom, and the Crane side of the family love the Braves. They love baseball. That’s good. But just know your mom’s side of the family have a little baseball background, too. Just ask us!

I already pray for you, Braven. And I pray, partly due to your name, that you will be courageous, like Joshua, in the bible. Please allow this verse to be the mantra of your life…

“Be strong and courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go.” ~ Joshua 1:7

I love you. Go for it, Braven Michael Crane! Out do us all!

Big H (Your mama’s daddy - and don’t you forget it!)

Until Next Time...

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