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Tithing Is More Than Giving


Tithing is simply giving the first tenth of all your income before taxes or anything else is taken out. When you tithe, you are making an investment into the Kingdom of God and saying to God “I trust you to supply everything in my life.” It teaches us to always put God first in our lives.

other ways to give

On Campus


You can give by placing your gift in the offering basket as it passes during any of our Worship Services.

Giving envelopes are also available in the back of the seats.



If you prefer you can mail a check to the church office.

The church Office address is 600 49th Street North, Suite A, St Petersburg, FL. 33710

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text to give

Simply text 5THABC to (833) 252-0003 and follow the instructions on the screen. The first time you text a donation you will enter your billing information.  After that, you can save you information for future tithes.