connection groups

The mandate of Jesus was to make disciples and teach them to do the same. Our process for doing this is through Connection groups. It's been said, "that church doesn't happen in rows of pews, it happens in circles." These groups meet each week on and off campus in various places, including people's homes. Connection groups offer an opportunity for social connection and fellowship, for interaction with the Bible, for group discussion and sharing, for learning activities, for prayer, for worship, and for Bible application and serving. We encourage everyone to attend the Sunday morning worship gathering, join a Fifth Avenue Connection group, and serve in a ministry.

Connection Groups


Sunday Morning Connection Groups:


Facilitator/Leader - Group - Study - Place


Phyllis Moore - Adult Ladies 40+ - The Gospel Project Bible Study - Room 201

Mark & Melody Ather, Kellie Kitchings - Young Adults (18-30) - Room 204

Marvin Gray - Adult Men - The Gospel Project Bible Study - Room 205

Bill Bailey - All Adults - Master Work Bible Study - Room 212

Mike Mathews - All Adults - Bible Study on Paul - Room 210

Kendrick Wilson and Eric Farst - Adults Walk through the Bible - Room 211

For additional information stop by the Connection Central desk in the Welcome Center or contact the church office by phone at

(727)-327-3353, or email us at